Always Prepared!

on Monday, June 16, 2014 8:20:00 AM

Last weekend we were all home to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma Keller’s 60th wedding anniversary! When I arrived earlier in the week to help with some last minute details, I noticed 10 cases of toilet paper in the entry way!! I knew immediately it had to be dad’s doing. You see, my dad is a man of preparation. He is always predicting reasons to have certain things around. He always knows when my mom will need a jacket, and has one for her in the car. He always has work gloves in the glove box, and most of the time has a second set so he doesn’t have to do surprise work alone! He was never a boy scout, but the "always prepared” philosophy certainly describes my dad!

We were talking the other day, and he thinks that because of the really cold winter we just had, cotton will be in short supply this fall. A low supply of cotton is likely to drive up the cost of clothes, or make them impossible to access due to backorders. As we talked about how that would effect our customers, he said “the best thing they could do is buy early.” In a week or so, there will be a video coming out encouraging our FR customers especially, to “Buy in July”. The whole point of this is to give you the best shot at getting what you need before you need it. I think I even heard something about free shipping on FR orders?!

Your safety matters to us, and being prepared matters to my dad! Do yourselves a favor, order your FR clothing ASAP, oh, and make sure you stock up on toilet paper ;-)

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