How It All Started!

on Friday, March 21, 2014 6:53:00 PM

When my younger sister, Jennifer, and I were growing up our parents owned the John Deere dealership in Rockville, Indiana. Rockville is a small rural town of about 3500 people. Our store had a big showroom where we sold JD toys, parts, lawn know, the normal implement dealership showroom! Anyway, my parents decided that the local farmers would probably like access to Carhartt clothing. As it turns out, they were right! We started stocking Carhartt jackets and Carhartt blue jeans and they sold as fast as we could get them in. It wasn't just farmers either. Lots of Rockville townspeople started coming in to buy Carhartt clothes. Customers often told my parents that we had the best prices on Carhartt that they could find!

My parents got in to selling Carhartt jackets and jeans because they wanted to serve their customers a little better. They wanted to give hard working people access to hard working clothes at a price that wouldn't break the bank!

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